What is the community's opinion of the matchmaking system?

I want people's opinion on the matchmaking system and if you have any ideas for a better one I would love to hear it. I personally think that a system where you just get people from your rank every time and winstreaks just increase lp gain would work better as I don't think it makes sense to inhibit player's progress to their actual rank gives them any reason to play on. From my understanding of the system, when you win games your teammates and enemies get better and winstreaks increase this significantly, this would cause someone in silver 3 to go up against silver 2 instead of silver 3s. I'm honestly thinking of exploring ways to abuse this system so that you can play against those the same rank as you but if you are better you will rank up instead of playing against those better than you (e.g. Winning 2 games then purposefully losing 3rd which could hopefully reset to your actual elo, I go on 3 win streaks then 3 lose streaks repeatedly a lot of the time). But I don't properly understand the system. If it works like I think it does, it is demoralizing and annoying. Oh and I know your opinion of me will be that I have no clue what I'm talking about because I'm a silver EUW player. Unlike you, I'm in the system where my enemies are usually lower skill than me (hence my 60% wr) but that means I can't improve as much as I would against higher skilled players. And yeah I abuse Nasus, I'm low elo what do you expect?
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