League Of Legends,A Game For Hardcore Gamers?

I am addressing a post a rioter made at the ending of the last season,he addressed league of legends as a game for hardcore gamers before making the last changes to the ranked system. Is league of legends realy a game for hardcore gamers? to me league of legends seems like a game only for casual players,interactions between you and your team are severely limited since you can get reported and punished for criticising a teamate badly,(the next step for riot would be to add dictionairies from which we have to choose our words from) assisting enemy team and trolling dont seem to be a bannable offense statisticaly. I understand that you have to be a hardcore gamer to unlock all of league of legends features(champions runes etc) :) but the game both in gameplay and the way riot handles it seems to me like a game designed for the biggest audience the casual gamers. If i find the rioter post i will share it in the comments. http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/riot-pls-ranked-pls
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