Who's that one champion you hate with all your heart?

I think we all have them. That champ that annoy's you every time you see it. Just thinking about being in the same game with it makes you cringe. Let me know who's yours and the reasons(s) why. Mine's Ezreal. I literally can't stand the guy. Doesn't matter if he's on my team or not, i despise him. When i'm supporting one i'm about 5 "you belong in a museum's" away from tilting the F out. He could be carrying the crap out of my game and granting us a win, if he dies i can't help but feel liberated up until the moment he respawns. His voice is annoying, his skills are even worse. When i open up the champion section in the store there's only one i don't own. You guessed it: Ezreal. I hate him so much i don't even want to own him. I stopped playing with a friend who mains him.

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