How is Garen broken?

He gets kited more, no tenacity w and q shorter duration. I was getting kited to nothing which wasn't a weakness with the old Garen for me. He is less tanky due to the w change. Am I not building him the broken way? I got fed in a few other matches like I did with old Garen but just now I went against a Darius (Darius is broken as hell). That might be why. Before the reworks I could duel Darius, now, no way. He went 1v3 and got a triple. He had 2 kills and killed me when i was full hp and he was 1/3. His weakness was he had no sustain, no riot gives Darius the q heal like wtf. That heal makes him much harder to kill especially when chasing him cause he hits the people behind him and gets an insane heal. His damage is absurd. Why does Riot have to rework everyone ffs. TLDR: Darius is very op. What makes Garen op? Why does Riot have to rework everyone? ffs. I'm really going to start banning Darius, every match he's in he gets fed in top lane.
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