Alternative udyr-nerf/change

Hi, I am Sinitar, a longtime udyrmain (started maining udyr in s2 after the skarnernerfs) Last season, i easily reached master multiple times by spamming my full AD tigerdyr, so i do kinda know what i'm talking about. Currently i'm in d5 learning some new champs because udyr is permaban anyway, in short, I am bored. I have seen the nerf to udyr's W+R and i think it's the wrong way to approach the problem. First of all, nerfing those 2 things would hurt other playstyles then RE-phoenix more. Other playstyles that have been perfectly balanced for 2-3 seasons. The problem with RE-phoenix is the high burst and high mvspd, 20 damage at max rank wont change that, but it will be a heavier nerf for onhit phoenix, who uses the phoenixproc as its main source of damage. Onhitphoenix(devourer) is weak imo(especially at d1/master+), weaker then tiger or trinitytank. The turtlenerf(20 shield at max rank gone) will again be of less significance to RE-phoenix, who kinda makes up for the nerf by building the AP item. Yes, again, the other playstyles are on the receiving end. How to get rid of RE-phoenix then? Here are 2 options that are definitely better: - Remove the 3rd hit being instantly ready when you press R. RE-phoenix does not build attackspeed, while the rule in building phoenix is: you want damage? you build attackspeed. In return, the R-damage can be increased at later ranks to make sure the phoenix udyrs who do build attackspeed don't get hit by that removal. This brings back the kitingskills that were required to play udyr in the old days(skills that are still necessary to play tiger). Downside of this is that fulltank udyr is out. - Now, a second option is runic echoes: The mvspd is going to remain a problem, just get rid of it. Increase the AP, you want AP junglers to build this thing anyway, contrary to popular believes, udyr's AP ratio's are bad. Let the mana-regain scale on AP(or get rid of it, mana-hungry AP junglers take blue anyway). Reduce the basedamage and increase the scaling + make it single target, so it isn't a cheaper copy of a laning item. This would make the item really good on AP junglers that have a hard time right now. Would be nice to have someone from Riot give me some feedback on my suggestions.
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