Martyr's Gambit: The Solution For "True" Tanks?

Martyr's Gambit
Martyr's Gambit Stats Active Recipe Martyr's Gambit is a legendary item in League of Legends.
**(Thought I'd do a thread for this from a comment to see general thoughts)** During Black Market Brawlers, we saw an item that gave 400HP, 100%HP regen, 10% CDR, and an active that let 60% of the damage received by the item's target be transferred to you instead. This fixed 2 "true" tank problems (true tanks being: Naut, Maokai, Rammus etc). 1) Having access to CDR outside of Frozen Heart (not needed against AP heavy teams) or Spirit Visage (useless on champs with no self-heal). Since Cinderhulk got nerfed, adding 10% CDR to it would be nice as that was the advantage of the old jungler items. Something tanks sorely need. 2) Meant that all those defensive stats had relevance during a team fight. Usually that tank is ignored until their team is dead and then they get focused down due to their poor damage. The stats won't save them once their carries are dead. Now you are given a pro-active tool to use (a 3 second duration if I remember rightly?) to use strategically during burst combos or hard focus on a target you want to defend WHILST having your well spent gold put to use before the teamfight is lost. Sounds like a great item right? Would fix a lot of the poor winrates and spat on playstyle in solo queue right? Nope. You get Dead Mans plate to buff Juggernauts, and a nerf to Randuin's Omen to make Dead Mans plate seem like a net better option overall. I think merely putting this item back on live will help see if true tanks can be a relevant solo queue force again, and not the fat punching bags they've been reduced to by juggernaut build fighters. **TL,DR: **Riot, please consider re-enabling Martyr's Gambit. If it's deemed "OP" (no reason it should be), then adjust it accordingly. It's a perfectly balanced item as is, and would be a LOT better than doing a hell-for-leather mass change like the juggernaut update which introduced a whole new pile of mess to deal with. If it's a problem on PBE, just remove/ice-box it like the the Abyssal Scepter rework.'s_Gambit

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