%%%%%%ed teammates = new trend

I truly deserve to get from gold 2 with 30 lp ti gold 3 with 6 lp( https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Deus+Sora# except from the last game when after getting twice ganked and being dead while spam pinging our 0/2 jungle to come from the begin i started trolling since my team was a some trash ppl the worst part of it is what if you start flaming a 0/7 teammate you will get banned, not him :)))) And yea, if you look my match hist all games i had most of the dmg and also a+ or s/s+ trying to hard carry those shitty asses who come after their doggy work and drinking bear are like: IM THE MEN HERE AND IM GONNA FU** THEM ALL IM PICKING JAX, MY BOI OH DEAR, I DIED, NEVERMIND *AFTER 5 MINS 4/0 ENEMY TOP BEATING OUR JAX AGAIN* JAX: WHATEVER, HIS CHAMP SUCKS BUT IM STILL GONNA FIGHT EVEN IF IT 1 vs world CUZ IM THE MAN HERE AND I HAVE THE BALLS AND IM A DUMB PIECE OF HOMO HABILIS WHICH SOMEHOW GOT TO OUR YEAR AND HAS NO BRAINCELLS AT ALL SO YEA, CAN ALL OF THOSE IDIOTS RUINNING THE GAME GET BANNED FOR F***NG ONCE? WHY I SHOULD LOOSE MY PLAT 3 ACC SINCE I FLAMED A 1/6 TEAMMATE AT 11 MINS AND AFTER GET THIS SHIT EVERY GAME? (BY SAYING SHIT, I MEAN MY TEAMMATES, OFC <3)
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