Which champion do you want to see nerfed next and why?

Hey guys so a simple question just to get your views on the game atm for what you want to be nerfed next and why. My list atm is: {{champion:164}} - I love playing this champ and she is one of my most played but she is purely just a bit too strong atm. Being able to deal 900 true damage with her Q late game is not fun to play against, especially since her early game is kinda negated with items such as {{item:1054}} and the resolve tree... you could actually remove one of her stats from her abilities and she would still be a full champ which is quite sad xD {{champion:39}} - Do i need to explain this one? {{champion:497}} - Jesus his engage and damage is so strong atm. Level 6 if you get hit by his R -> W -> Q and has ignite; you will be dying. The fact as well his engage is just unmatched at the moment. {{champion:163}} - Must ban jungler at the moment; way too effective but it is nice to see an AP jungler again and something new {{champion:142}} - Do i need to explain this one?
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