I want to play ranked, I dont want to play "Whoever has the bigger premade wins"

I'm not that good at the game and I'm currently silver 3. I used to be in bronze 2 till I started 3 man premading with people I don't know and don't want to play with but I win about 50% more games with a 3 man premade, just have some cheese tactic and comp everygame and it was not fun. But I felt I had to do this to climb and it worked... is that what ranked is meant to be?Queue up with a 3/4 man try hard premade and faceroll soloqueuers? Because I checked the majority of the enemy teams in those games on op and very few had a premade. I've recently gone back to solo queueing because I want to play on my own and don't want the hassle of getting to know and play with people I don't want to know. I don't play league to specifically make friends just to win, I just want fun even games but they never happen anymore its just premade and faceroll or soloqueue and hope your not vs a 4 man premade. So my question is when is/will soloqueue be back?
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