"Tencent has NO influence in Riot at all!" - Mm. Yeah. Totally.

Splash art is one of most important things we have for conveying a champion's fantasy and personality in League. Splashes are used everywhere: from champ select to the loading screen, portrait icons, the store, and more recently Hextech Crafting. Many of our oldest splash arts are different across the world, meaning those champs and skins have vastly divergent representations of their fantasy and feel, depending on which region you play League in. **While the long-term plan has always been for us to create brand new art for these older pieces, we’re doing some short term work over the next few patches to unify the global experience: some of our splashes will be switching to the Chinese version, and vice versa. We know that in some cases, the quality may still be low or the art style may still be off. Like last year’s Mass Texture Rebalances, this is not a replacement for full-scale splash updates down the road, just a short term solution to solve a specific problem.** Complete bullshit, what sort of "specific problem" could there possibly be with a piece of artwork, this isn't like code what so ever, this is just switching out champion art because Tencent told you to, it's the most obvious line of bullshit I've ever seen. The following splash arts have been modified, or replaced with the **Tencent version** Oh lookie here, what a surprise? T-E-N-C-E-N-T Version. To all those who said that Tencent hold no influence over Riot you are completely and utterly proven wrong. Riot wouldn't replace art with complete and utter shit when there is NO need at ALL to replace the art in the beginning. There is no massive problem that would magically cause them to have to remove the art and replace it with some half arsed job done by a third rate artist. As much as this doesn't have any effect on me due to it being splash art, I pay for the skin and by that I also pay for the splash art, by removing the splash art I enjoy looking at and replacing it with complete and utter shit, and that IS all it is, it's awful artwork done by a not very well paid artist who is far inferior compared to Riot's actual art team that doesn't need to be changed at all pisses me off, there is no logical reason whatsoever for Riot to HAVE to replace the artwork that is outdated with worse artwork other than TenCent saying for them to do it. If you honestly don't see that they're feeding you a line of bullshit then I honestly don't know what to say. **Disclaimer: I needed to rant. This is my rant. Feel free to downvote all you like, I honestly don't care, it's a way to vent, and I needed it.**
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