How really good/bad Evelynn is

Recently is started to play {{champion:28}} again after...not sure but i think 4-5 months (so before all the nerfs for her ability and jungle), i remember that she was actually fun, enjoyable and even strong! game is frustrating, nothing else...i'm trying to spam her has much as possible to understand how very effectively she is but and/or what did i do wrong, but the problem of every match is the same: -most of the junglers are "MORE" powerfull than her until level 6 (and for me is ok, nothing to add) -{{champion:28}} her E and R deals so low dmg, maybe is balanced now...probably...but imo i think is weaker just because riot keep buffing the other champs that don't really need it, such as {{champion:421}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:48}} and not nerfing champs like {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:59}} -{{champion:28}} clear spead is decent (but enemy jungle most of the time is always 1 level ahead of me...i honestly don't know how, even when i get 1 or even 2 giorgio). What did i do wrong? or maybe i am right about the position of {{champion:28}} ?
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