Dynamic Queue Update

Rethinking Ranked Fives and Tuning Dynamic Queue
Two weeks ago, we confirmed we're not bringing back solo queue and promised to do a better job of keeping you updated about our ongoing efforts to improve ranked.
Hi, So, here is another slap to the Solo Q'ers, well now you get fked but hey we feel your pain and offer you a shiny badge for it. What this will do is only create more hate in the community. Solo Q'ers losing games and flaming on any one with dynamic queue badge to be boosted and shit(which probably is true since ranked now doesn't measure personal skill). The comment section on the page is really interesting and is much more informative than the original thread. So all you jsdhhfghsfuihsguihui dynamic Q lovers do go through that and absorb what the community really thinks. P.S. So all those blind fdsafdshfhus YES we do have a PROBLEM, in no previous season community has been brainstorming like this to find a SOLUTION for the problem, so people with those imaginary stats of how dynamic queue is loved can hshfuhsuifhigfhu themselves because it is not REAL, just do an open public poll in game-client and you will KNOW IT. Peace
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