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Hello everyone, I am a Evelynn main since preseason 4 and is she by far my most played champion. I've reached promos to diamond 2 on EUW and master on EUNE before. I Like the idea Riot Games have about the rework but I got a few thoughts and ideas on what is good and then what can be tweaked (based on my own opinion). Lets start with the things that i think Riot Games did a good job on: -Evelynn's ultimate ** Last Caress (R)** is a lot more suitable for her and her theme. The old ultimate was actually really nice and I would love to see a similar concept on another champion, but maybe didn't suit Evelynn as well as one would have liked. -**Allure (W)** is very interesting and opens up a lot of plays. -Passive makes her able to re-engage fights after ulting out of them with low hp (though mana regen like the old passive in similar fashion on top would be perfect, but maybe too much) Now onto the things that could be changed: -Ultimate,** Last Caress (R)**, there are a few ideas I have about how it can be tweaked. First is to make her enter her passive after cast. It kind of feels awkward when using her ultimate, turning invulnerable and disappearing backwards, only for your enemies to see where you are. Making her stealth after ultimate cast would feel so much better. Second would be to make her able to choose which direction she would dash too. This could maybe be done like Rumble ultimate, Viktor lazer etc. This is not as important as the first point but I thought it would be a nice feature to have as it makes her able to utilize her ultimate in different ways. -**Hate Spike (Q)**, feels very weird to use. I like the idea of having a skill shot on it and extra "on hit" damage it gives next 3 abilities/autos, but that she gets 3 charges of spikes after using the initial skill shot feels very weird (vs anything other than monsters) because you can't use it for a few seconds afterwards. I think you could combine the old style of Hate Spike with the the initial Q spike skillshot on the reworked one. that way after casting the initial skillshot, you don't run out of charges of spikes when fighting champions, making you at least somewhat useful after your spell-rotation. -**Whiplash (E)**, in my opinion feels so bad and pointless to use (as a gapcloser). I have a few ideas for this ability to be changed/tweaked. First would be to make the empowered dash have a longer range (could be increased range vs Allured (W) targets). Another would be to making it a bit of a ranged ability. Last would be to revert it to the old (E). -**Allure (W)** feels really awkward to use, it doesn't give you vision of your target when it goes into fog of war and it takes way to long for it to charge up vs monsters. Having to wait 2,5 seconds to start a jungle camp is just silly. Also either make enemy champions not able to see the charm until there is one second left until it's charged, or make it proc automatically when it fully charges (if Eve is close enough). Having to attack them with your abilities or autoattacks (and that is not counting damage from items like smite, redemption etc) puts you in way to much of a risk just to try to charm them. only way it's safe is when you are ganking a lane from behind and you've skilled up Allure enough for the range to not be awkward having to wait for it to charge up, because if you don't, your charm becomes a slow instead. If the enemies sees the charm at the start, then in teamfights it's easy for the enemy team to adjust accordingly as they have 2,5 seconds to do so... -Bring back AD scalings please. Being forced into playing Eve as a squishy AP champion that needs to be in the enemy's faces just to ultimate back out doesn't feel right to me. she went from being one of the most versatile champions in the game to one of those champions that need to build almost the same stuff every game (if you want to deal damage that is). Hope these points make sense to you guys and that we can have a discussion about what is good, bad and what can be changed. (and hope fully Riot Games will see this and make Evelynn great again!) > _Think of all the places this can go..._-{{champion:28}}
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