Tanks " Demolish"

1. I had a good lane. This is frustrated.. Game after game Im giving up upgrade my skill and improve my knowledge about league.. what is the objectives to win a game?? Just picking tanks and push lanes all time ??? or play with team, win teamfigth or lane in fase? Tell me riot WHY ... They just take "Demolish" and "Zz"portal " and done.. Where is the skill there? is that rigth winning games without skill? I hope after you see this, you change rune "demolish".. This is very frustrated and giving up in league of legends .. I love this game.. but its impossible win this game with these "Metas". > Rui Azevedo Thanks[](https://ibb.co/m8eovq https://ibb.co/g928vq https://ibb.co/jbUMFq)
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