I wonder when is this "one person CAN NOT CARRY" and "better botlane wins" balance will end...

It's just so demotivating to even play normals because how reliant on the random teammates we have been forced to be and how one or two players will lose you the game and you can do NOTHING, unless the enemy team gets 2 AFKers mid-late game or they are mentally disabled... -Your bot feeds? You LOSE. -Your jungler feeds and the enemy jungler is barely decent? You LOSE. -Your autofilled or noob "support" being a tank and building full tank competes with your ADC for CS and Kills, and whenever have more kills than the ADC writes in the chat "I am the ADC" or "I carry now"? Alt+F4 and uninstall League. Why even try to do well? Why even win your lane? What's even the point of getting ahead and snowballing off of doublekilling the jungler and laner in a good outplay when you will LOSE the game anyway because your team either runs around like headless chickens, or your feeding teammates become deadweight and free gold to the enemy.
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