Dear Riot

Dear Riot, I need to inform you that LP Gain really have problem. I was 85% win ratio player when I reached Diamond. In platinum 1, I got 28 LP per win. -16LP per loose. Since I enter Diamond, it immediately changes to 15LP per win, -22LP per loose even i was 85% WR player in that moment. (So, bad MMR couldn't be problem, that's fact.) Can someone from you guys tell me and describe this joke? Do I really need now 2 wins for 1 loose? What you are trying to do? To force these kids to play your game more? If this thing is going to stay forever, I'll quit. There is no point anymore. Nobody have whole day to play League of Legends since there are not all kids playing League of Legends (like me). Be aware, people will get bored from League, and then, it will going to be replaced with some other game faster then you expect. Trust me. Best regards. Dejan
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