EuW has a massive problem with it's junglers.

None of your junglers know how to play jungle. I've been playing a new account on silver and I come across Rammus's building {{item:3020}}, {{champion:5}} and {{champion:77}} who AFK farm till 20 minutes, {{champion:11}} who invade {{champion:19}} and fail miserably at it, and I cannot count the amount of times either team has lost merely due to jungle pressure. A shit ton of your junglers below gold shouldn't be playing the role. A lot of them don't understand how their own champ works or what the jungler's role it. In fact, things weren't even so bad last year and I don't see this problem on any other server but the junglers here are %%%%ing braindead and half of them shouldn't be playing the role in the first place.

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