Is tryndamere flat out BROKEN or people just let him beat them in lane because they're bad?

I play ADC, so I never see top lane... but when someone picks Trynda, it's gg for the other team... I'm low ELO of course... but that's not the point... I know some things about trynda... for example... before lvl 6 he is a big ass target and nothing else... he has ONLY basic attacks to do dmg with.. so, why do you let him win the lane? I see tryndameres getting first blood and I am asking myself... HOW??? doesn't the other guy know how to play? I'm not gonna talk about the late game... just disgusting... and about tryndamere actually being a melee ADC with a "no death button"... Anyway, I don't play against trynda of course because I play bot lane... but I just want to know how he wins all the time in low Elo... and what I can do when he is already fed by some monkey brain on top and I have to play against him... most of the time I'm doing ok... since I play Ezreal and he can't 1v1 me... but in teamfights, he gets through half my team in 5 seconds and I am left alone with 3-4 people chasing me...
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