Viktor main impressions about viktor changes

I am a Viktor main , I played this champion several years , since I've found him , I was stunned , he was amazing , I didn't play anything as serious as I played Viktor, I played him for over 1000 games . My point is that over the course of the changes made to him , he , in my opinion, is in a good spot at the moment and is in no need of balance changes that because of what he lacks in mobility , especially early , compensates in damage. Also , another thing is that exactly after he was seen in the LCS several times , this happened , please riot , think again. So if you take away the damage from him early game , what is he good at then? My opinion as an quite experienced player and especially Viktor main , is that you should leave him alone. I hope that you take this into consideration, cheers. I apologize for bad English /grammar , it is my second language.
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