How about adding plenty of items?

I feel like we really don't have enough items in the game. True, having an ridiculously big shop might discourage newcomers but just imagine the diversity of such a thing. Everyone would have its unique build, and you wouldn't know what to expect in front of you ! I'm not against a core build, but when the most diverse thing you build is your boots and your 5th item... Bruisers quite have choice, and this is nice, I'd say the same about tanks but for assassins and mages or even most ad's I can't say that their build vary from one game to another. I get it that it's difficult to add to much items as it requires creating totally new mechanics, new actives, new ways of seeing objects, plus it might reinforce the "Constantly evolving" side of the game. And balancing a 150-items (2000 golds +) library would be hell. But hey I can dream, and as Hashinshin once said, I could eventually get tired of building the same thing every game.

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