A question for people who spent years here

I am going to try and put this question up as precise and simple as possible, although it is very subjective. I am a relatively new player playing less than 4 months. 2 champions have been released during this time, Senna and yesterday Aphelios. I am absolutely hating everything about them and cannot stand being in a game with them. If I state that they obviously have too much damage and are overpowered I am going be mocked because I am silver trash so lets just skip that, but I hate everything about them. I hate that to actually play the game and lane vs this new monstrosity, I also have to understand how his kit works, which is rocket science. Visually it's very confusing as well. A garen runs at me and beats me with his sword, I get whats going on, I know when I am under attack. An aphelios holds something colorful that has a shape of my girlfriends dildo and he makes some weird dance moves and my hp is suddenly gone and I dont even know if it was a skillshot or an auto attack or whatever other bull**** they came up with in this overloaded kit. I just dont understand whats going on. My question is, is it like this every time they release a new champion? Are they OP every time on release? Is the power creep a thing? Do they really expect new players to have willingness to learn how 150+ champions work? Are they really going to add even more champions? Until yesterday I was solving this solution by permabanning Senna, but now I can't because I have to permaban Aphelios. So if they are just going to continue spamming these overloaded champions once a month, I dont want to be a part of it. I want to leave now before I get disappointed more.
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