What to do as support when my team ignores objectives?

I have really big issues with this. My teammates are chasing kills, my adc is going on other lane, my toplaner leaves top without tp and Im usually the guy who recall and go where its needed to. But then I die under top tower because Riven is fed, or I die from jungler when Im solopushing first bot tower while rest of the team play one of the stupid minigames: - catch LB/Riven/Yasuo in their jungle - our top was ganked by 4 ppls lets go there one by one and feed them more - try to steal/stop baron/dragon even if half of the team just died and there is no chance to do that Im being blamed for going solo and Im dying often too because Im doing this with Soraka. Plus they blame me for takinbg farm when Im support. Im actually taking jungle camps too in midgame - usually for my own gold but also because jungler is elsewhere, nobody else takes them, or to deny this for enemies who get dragon/baron and soon wll come into our jungle + Soraka has nice clear with Q midgame and it doesnt take forever. Anyway, my question is. Am I doing wrong? Should I go with my team even if they do, in my opinion wrong thing? Am I even right about they are doing bad? I know Soraka is squishy and when some assassin comes to kill me when im solopushing lane while enemy team is taking baron/dragon or my team chasing the guy with 1 hp ignoring the objective we came for in the first place, but on the other hand I can usually use ultimate if they are in troubles + Im often able to do the job that should be in my opinion done (taking tower, pushing lane before they come with baron, clearing jungle to deny it to enemy, or defend our tower against splitpush) myself.
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