Idea to Reworking/Ballancing ZED

- Neurf his Q by 5 more ad making it 75 / 110 / 145 / 180 / 215 , but remove the damage reduction od double/triple Q hits and make his Q deal full damage in case it killed the unit it passed throw befor hiting the target, this way his Q poke is less anoing but his all ins and his multy Qs hits are more rewarding, just like Katarina, Talon and LeBlanc - Make his passive deal %missing health insted of %max health in a way that it deal less damage if the target is in between 50% - 35% hp, and more damage if the target is below 35% hp, this way zed is less likely to win all 50% hp trades, but more likely to kill you if he find you low in health. - plz buff his attack speed, he realy need this one !!!
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