Ahri needs some balance changes

Hello guys today i want to talk about Ahri balance. She is kinda hard to balance becouse she is good at everything but not the best in something or as we would say The Jack of All Trades. So there is no suprise about her win rate% being pretty high at 52% its becouse she is good at making picks for her team. But the only thing that is rly mediocre about her is her damage rly at everything else she is pretty good her mobility is not insane but nice if you want stupid amounts of mobility and broken combo go for LeBlanc...{{champion:7}} if you want a overall fun and mobile champion you go for Ahri. Im an Ahri main too guys and i dont want to see Ahri extremly nerfed so this are my ideas to help riot balance her out buy reducing the power where she dosent need it and adding more where she needs it. increase base movement speed to 335 increase base mana to 365 from 334 Q:make the movement speed boost scale with ranks of Q move speed : 100/125/150/175/200 the movement speed boost reduces to half after 0.5 sec. decrease mana cost to 60/65/70/75/80 from 65/70/75/80/85 Q changes: the move speed boost should feel balanced now by scalling in levels instead of getting the full speed on rank one oh and also the mana cost helps a bit becouse she is mana hungry in the early game W: increase mana cost to 65 adittional fox fires now do 40% damage from 30% Fox Fire flames now last 3 seconds from 5 W changes : sight buff on the numbers so she could deal just a bit more damage but reduced the time that fox fires are on Ahri so she has less time to go all in and this makes her a bit more risky. E:reduce charm range to 910 from 975 increase projectile speed to 1700 from 1600 E changes : Again this makes her a bit more risky becouse she needs to come a little bit closer to her target but the Charm is now faster becouse it dosent make sense that her Charm has a much bigger range than her orb. at least now people know that if they hit charm they hit the orb easier and also the Charm speed increase helps a bit in that. R: Spirit Rush now only damages 2 enemies (prioritizing champions) from 3 (prioritizing champions) decrease cooldown from 110/95/80 to 100/85/70 increase damage per dash too : 100/140/180 + ( 30% ap) maximum damage : 300/420/540 + (90% ap) from 210/330/450 + ( 90% ap) add a toltip that calculate the max damage that your ult can do. The same thing as Fox Fire has so you can see how much damage you can do before you go all in. R changes: this is a fair change considering that it is on a really long cooldown right now and the damage on it is just a joke. And please dont say that it isnt there for damage if it isnt why does it do damage? LB dash does way more damage than this and its pretty much the same but she can dash to 2 times not 3. Oh and now it only hits 2 enemies instead of 3 this would be enough to justify the damage buff on it. I hope you like this changes and please give me your opinion on them and what would you add from this changes and what not. {{champion:103}}
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