Start nerfing akali soon? No? keep the game more unhealthy then.

She has the most opressive early game on toplane literally spam nuke healing herself with her Q because she needs the heal because she needs it. Her shroud makes her lane the easiest lane to ever be played in entire League because if you win it you auto dive the enemy till he rage quits the game because there's absolutly no counterplay to it. Her E dash also is a one way ticket to not ever getting ganked because the bs escape range it has and why does her ult need to have a 100dmg opening followed up with a 300dmg execute at lvl 6? Why does she need the power to solo win the game with only a gunblade? Also where are Urgot Aatrox and Irelia nerfs? Riot start working and stop pretending that everything is fine with these champs. God they're so annoying and you can only ban one of them also toplane viktor just came to the most annoying toplane champs to play against.
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