The garen problem

I did a few games here and there and couldn't not nottice that each time the enemy picked a garen he was too darn powerful and tanky even at the match start. lvl 1 garen with only doran shield and no other hp nor armor can regen his hp to full in few moments and barely take damage (even from armor pen! on start out) then he bout a trinity force {{item:3078}} and each damage he took from me was replenished in less than few moments AGAIN! only from 250 HP bonus. Rito if you see this Garen needs a super nerf to his damage basic tankiness, and his E armor shred damage its too much even at min 10-+, his silence is ridiculous in my who gets silenced by being bonked with a sword? if that the case why not every champ with a sword bonk gets that? XD
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