I wish Riot would take ARAM more seriously

I, like so many others, enjoy playing aram - probably more than summoners rift. It has gone far beyond the on-the-side minigame that's a bit different from the classic game, it is a game mode in its own right and should be treated like it.. I don't know how Riot Game can think it's acceptable to have such a popular game and yet be so nonchalant about user experience across their 3 game modes. 3. Three. Not exactly a great expanse of experiences the players can have is it - the crystal scar was killed by Riots lack of interest, twisted treeline is slowly dying, and aram is left a heaping pile of RNG not only on whether you win but whether the game can even be enjoyable. There are 34 champs with a winrate lower than the current lowest on SR (<44.35%) and 17 above the highest (>56.6% - the "insanely broken janna"). All i want is some dedicated balancing, is it really so much to ask? Aram only items? complete recostings? A "doesn't like the cold" global debuff on some stats (mana regen?) specifically on op champs? An item that lets you ward hop without giving vision? There are so. many. things. that can be done so easily to improve the game and yet riot continues to say "you want us to put effort into more than one game mode? Ridiculous". As an aside, because it is important: I don't know how it's considered OK that people with dedicated aram accounts have such an advantage - i don't mind a "fun minigame" style but at least let it be fair. If you don't want all champs always enabled then go the other way - let people select a list of champs they're willing to play: its exactly what people with aram only accounts are allowed to do so why not everyone else?
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