Unusual but powerful jungle picks (suggestions welcome)

Hi all, I main jungle for quite some time and what is pre season if not for experimenting and having fun (_now that i've had enough fun dropping 2 divisions in Ranked - ha ha ... i hate my life_) I usually take the strong Junglers, that i like - {{champion:19}} main, {{champion:57}} second main (CC beast), {{champion:24}} {{champion:59}} carry main, {{champion:33}} AD counter, {{champion:113}} all arround tank, {{champion:35}} annoy the enemy (i'm sorry about that, but that's what he does) I have, of course, played the usual - Kayn, Cho, Syndra (who quite fun these days to be fair), and the old school fiddle and Mundo (my first love) as well as most junglers. _(I hate AP junglers, like Eve and Ekko, not because they are not strong, but again, i love the be in the brawl which they will last for 2 seconds.)_ But i was considering to try a few new things. I will be honest with you i do like to be in the center of battle (well except Shaco, obviously) but one only becomes better outside of their comfort zone, right? So i was thinking out of the box, and not like Shaco is out of the box, although i love that :D For the jungle: **Do you conciser Tryndmare {{champion:23}} good Do you conciser Teemo {{champion:17}} good? Any other suggestions?** If you suggest them or any other, can i please ask what runes and item builds you would advise on too? cheers, N

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