Being "stuck" no matter how good you are! (- NOT ME -)

It really sucks for those who are stuck and are actually good.. now a lot of higher elo guys here will say that "they should be able to climb out" but its quite stressfull once you mess up your mmr or you don't main a champ, you get low LP and have to carry 1 v 5 I have watched a friend who won lane and got first blood tower 4 games in a row, he even roamed but couldn't win.. I really felt like he did more than good.. and not everyone can deal with tilt! There are players that have good game knowledge and good mechanics but they don't know about "tilt" .. So they keep choosing different lanes rather than just stick with 1.. Because of "last game mid laner fed" and they think "I am gonna carry from mid now" A person who wins like 90% of his lanes and duels 2 v 1 cannot be stuck in silver! This is not me complaining! I am already gold 2 and I really feel good because there is rarely a bad player and it is actually balanced and I can finally admit my defeat! But I really do know good players that are stuck in low divisions when they are clearly above average!! They get a good lead, but are unable to snowball properly or abuse the one behind, because the game gives you less time to do so now due to "catch up exp" and you can kill your enemy 3 times and be 2-3 lvls ahead of him and his jungler gets 1 good gank on you.. and he is suddenly on your level!! Despite the fact that he is down in CS and has died more than you! This is a very noob rewarding system!! not only that they can catch up just by sitting under tower.. Basically rewarding garbage players totally unfair!! When I was climbing in silver I saw some better players that were much better than some in gold 4-5... and their team will never try to sacrifice for the sake of peel! They will never notice the level difference! Nor will they body block the CC coming at you, playing a 3000 hp champ and waits for his CD like a mage behind his fed top laner that's playing Fiora or any good ap mid!
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