(rant) Riot please don't ruin TFT

Every f-ing game demons. Demons with sorcerer , demons with shapeshifter , demon blademaster... f me. I love Morgana and Aatrox but damn demons are unfun to play against. Volibear... this needs a nerf. The buff was nice , but it got out of control. Every game it is either with demons or volibear that is a demon. All builds are around volibear and demons ~~and assassins ~~. Ranked is fun. But when I'm looking to rank up and I get from 1 to 3 lp as 4th place in gold 4 , f me. Last but not least toxic people. They are rare and they will always exist, but implement a MUTE BUTTON! for god sake. I don't want to mute everybody and everything just because of 1 f-er. This is a personal message from me to Riot games. Riot games please understand this: "_This game mode is super fun. Don't let it go down hill like league. And because of some dumb changes you made to league I will never even support you as a company again with buying skins or any other stuff that you produce. And you will never f-ing ever change my mind. But at least take care of people who still support you._"
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