Quinn update: No meta to play her?

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Honestly, I am very disappointed{{item:3070}} with the {{champion:133}} update. I am not adc main but when I have to then Quinn is my go to champ because of assassination potential of enemy adc. Quinn was main counter to Vayne but this update will remove that as well. This is just my view on Quinn so others might disagree but I strongly free the update is going to make her weaker. This update now makes Quinn basically relies on Q and E for damage. While R is just a gimmick(and man that animation take forever to complete) which I highlight below. Moreover, that hilarious Quinn pose while Valor coming for top/behind ... just why?? EDIT: new changes -> http://www.newsoflegends.com/index.php/wip-pbe-3010-lots-of-mana-mana-regen-changes-changes-to-global-gold-generation-quinn-49333/ **Passive**: the change to % total damage is dubious until the numbers are shown **EDIT:** AD ratio 1.5 all rank. **Q**: removing blind? Wasnt this **THE** signature move that differentiated this adc. So vayne can go invisible, get extra move bonus and her passive ability hits like truck while quinn can only now hope to hit the Q and trigger passive **W**: As far as I remember Riot bought Quinn as a scout... then why is such high cooldown ? [50/45/40/35/30 sec] Also this is ability which gives no combat enhancement besides move speed that proc passive which also got nerfed. **E**: Remains same, BUT now range decreased adding to the injury of short ranged ADC **R**: LOL... here comes the uselessness. What good is the movespeed when an ADC cant fight back. Removing the damage based on missing hp on enemy..... LoL 3 sec CD... hmmm interesting..... **BUT.... mana required ~~120/60/0~~ **..... ~~HAHAHAHA what is this logic... looks like some kid designed the numbers~~ **EDIT:** According to new update mana cost 80/40/0. Still I fail to understand the logic behind 0 mana cost at lvl 16. **EDIT2:** I missed this point... WHY THE HELL ,"Taking **Champion** or Tower damage puts Tag Team on a 3 second cooldown" How on earth she can be scout if the whole part of early - mid game Quinn is going to be drained of mana? Riot, please understand, if Quinn was suppose to be a scout, then 1) Lower the cooldown on W and add Stealth detection in the kit when used. If you ask me 25/22.5/20/17.5/15 sound reasonable to me. Since W doesnt give any combat stats at all, stealth detection should make her more interesting and a vayne/twitch counter again. 2) If the Ulti (even if I dont consider it anymore) is for running around the map and providing the scouting, then reduce the extortionately high mana at early levels. I mean keep it 50 mana for all levels. Since its almost toggle ability. 3)Do not make her like sitting duck while laning phase where with exisiting ~~120/60/0~~ 80/40/0 mana used twice with other ability will drain ~60% of her mana
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