Debuff "Monster Hunt" Should have a timer.

Hi! My last game I had problems in the loading screen.. showing everything 100% but basically never getting me in the game. I forced down the league client and restarted eveything and finally managed to get back in the game. Exited to start playing the jungle to find out all my camps are down and I'm being camped in my jungle by the opponents who are far ahead. I had not 1 oppterunity to get back in the game. The only way I could get XP was by farming lane minions but then I was very limited by the "Monster hunt" debuff not allowing me to get gold from minions. Basicly could just go afk for the remaining game... I didn't but got reported anyhow. I think atleast this "Monster Hunt" debuff should last till 10m in game or something.. not throughout the whole game until x amount of jungle minions have been killed.

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