Garen nerf needed?

League of Legends ~ Top Lane ~ Garen Vs Riven
Miles and Waves are back at it again! Still playing Garen! Spin to win!
Riot, in my opinion, instead of nerfing champs like rengar that his particularity as a champ are the oneshots coming from stealth and without it isn't that useful if it's not tanky, I would like you to NERF GAREN because it doesn't matter the good you are with some champs like riven, that his dmg to champions + his Q silence make that you can't win a 1 vs 1 trade in lane if the jungler isn't there. You always talk about making ALL champs good matched, so you can start NERFING GAREN. I think champions like Riven should be able to win a lane match up vs Garen. Don't u think so guys? Let me hear your opinions and tell me if you are with me or not. I left a link of someone that i don't know it's only garen vs riven and as far as i know about the game garen doesn't seem a good player but u can see the OP this champ is. Thank You ALL! {{champion:86}} VS{{champion:92}} EZ WIN
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