Guys which champion annoy you with his laugh spam?

In this game there are several champs which have that kind of laugh which makes me mad and i wish to trash my keyboard when i hear it.First of all {{champion:103}} have most annoying laugh in my opinion, because she looks too much to me as a girl who spends lot of her's boyfriend money and she dumps him once he can't pay anymore.Second its famous {{champion:17}} which laugh is perfectly designed to make someone rage since this satan is one of most annoying champs.After this satan here comes {{champion:105}} which have that type of laugh that is pointed to mock other champs while laughing at their face, and when he gets feeded he makes toxic enviorment unless enemy team stays together where this fish is gonna be blamed for stealing kills from his team.Same things as for fizz goes for {{champion:238}} . And at last there is tricky braindead champ {{champion:62}} who can annoy his teammate who is dying in 3v1 with his monkey laugh to his face and after that he goes W+E+Q+ult to get kills for himself.
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