Diana and Wukong - 'Divers'

So the concept of a Diver is some who can move into the enemy's team to eliminate a key target then survive the fight somewhat similar to an assassin but without the escape part. Because of this most Divers have a form of defensive skill or passive e.g. Camille's passive shield, Nocturne's spell shield, Kled's Skaarl, etc etc which often promote one or two tank items to be used for survivability. So the problem I keep having is that both Diana and Wukong; Have nothing to promote survivability! Both build full damage and are essentially tankier assassins with AoE burst. Diana I can understand a bit, being AP and what not but so is Elise who I often see build 1-2 tank items, but when you have a max of 200 health shield with a 60% AP scaling, what's the point of going tanky? Yes Ekko has an even larger shield but that requires set up and time to activate, when Diana just goes in and gets the full shield plus damage near equal to the shield. Once she hits six her burst is insane, there have been a number of times when I've played against her mid and as soon as she hits six it's Q,R,W,E,R and boom 100 to 0 as fast as that, it's like Zed but with only having to think about Q. Luckily most mid champs I play can stay out of range of her Q,R combo, but the threat of instantly being killed is every present even when she's like 1/3/0 with only one item. I understand there being an exception to the dogma, I very much enjoy Mordekaiser; a Juggernaut who usually builds full AP who gets fairly tanky from his passive which shields him for 25% of his max health based on the damage from his abilities, aswell as the heal on his W. But at least Morde does work with health and tanky items if he needs to go tankier. Now with Wukong, I blame everyone solely on the Duskblade changes back in the assassin update at the end of season 6. Before this each Wukong I saw would usually get a few tanky items and work as a strong engage for his team, but now I never see Wukongs take any tank items, it's always lethality and as much AD as possible, so now he goes invisible, dashes then ults knock up the team and usually bursting any squishy champs caught in it. I should also say that Vi is a bit of an offender of this, but I never see it as often as these two. Yes I'm probably bias in this as I don't like Assassins as a role and generally find them annoying to play with and against. Also as a final note, I'm not sure if it's just me but I usually play draft normals, and I swear that 90% of the time enemy Diana and Wukongs get fed and become and absolute nuisance to deal with. Other than that I'd like to see what anyone else thinks.
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