Don't play at night due to matchmaker

Because you get the worst players in history of man kind.. Like terrible, I'v had people feeding 20 deaths, I'v had people feeding 15 deaths, As a support it does not matter how well i play i keep on getting feeding team mates who are insanely terrible... My worst since season 3 is 25% win rate... The amount of feeding teams i'm getting is just annoying and it gets boring, Before you say "Have a break" I did for 1 full day, I'm getting badly punished by the matchmaker because i play with a friend who is Silver 4... Every single time i play with a friend who is silver 4 we always lose and we go on these huge losing streaks but when i don't i still lose over and over again and it gets boring and old... You can't even try out new champions you never played before because you get people using the main champions...
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