Roam timing

I had a situation in a recent game, that made me question my decision making. I am sure I could have played it better, but I don't really know how. I'll try to describe it in detail and hopefully it will spurn a discussion about roam timings and maybe even I'll get some useful tips from you guys. [Here's the link to Match History]( So I was midlane Ahri against Swain. My lane was the only one going more or less even, I'd even risk saying that I was winning by a slight margin. Bot and top were both losing. At ten minutes enemy Vayne was 3/0/1 with 1/0/3 Leona, enemy Illaoi was 3/0 at 12 minutes. We had 2 kills on enemy Swain as the team (I got assist on them). By the time I first roamed it was 14:00 on the clock (I think level around 8-10) and it ended as a terrible clusterfuck where we **almost** got a shutdown on Vayne, but ended up giving 3 kills to enemy team (1 to Swain, 1 to Vayne and 1 Leona), which was the point at which the game started snowballing against us. I freely admit, that as the only person who was doing reasonably well in their lane it was probably my responsibility to do something for other lanes. But at the same time I wasn't dominating my opponent so hard, that I could do anything I wanted. What could I have done better? Should I leave my lane for roam and risk the one enemy who is little behind getting even or do I focus on being able to do something later? I am pretty sure that at the point I went bot, it was too late and I had actually thrown the game right then and there. How do I know the time is ripe for a visit in another lane?
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