I challenge skilled toplaners

So, i'm a great top Fizz but not great enough to carry ranked games ~~though i'm always 1st-2nd dmg of 10 players~~. I'm sure there are skilled toplaners around here who can 1v1 my top Fizz as other champs to improve my sk1llz and to test my outplay patterns. Especially i'm looking for Fiora and Re__k__ekton mains. These two always ruin me up hard in top lane. And while Re__k__ekton at least dies@6, Fiora doesn't do even that... Upd: was rekt by top Draven today.** Top Draven**. Draaaaaaven. Of course i turned the tide and finished very well while he finished 3/8, i didn't like starting 1/3/0 when I didn't even die once in 2 previous games. Upd2: got rekt bad by Nunu. 0-mana harass and infinite sustain - isn't it cool and skill-dependent? Unlike Draven game, finished 0/8. Damn, feels bad.
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