An increase in "map hacks"

Hi, Firstly, I'm sorry if I've got the name of the hack wrong. I have seen quite a steep increase in recent weeks of blatant map hacks, and by that I mean people having vision when there are no wards placed. In a few games its been people auto attacking me whilst I was in a bush with no wards. Or jungler spamming ping to alert their team that I am invading when again there are no wards. I cannot chalk this down to excellent jungler spidey senses, because the pings are directly on me, following me as I make my way into their jungle. How do you know they where pinging you? - Let me explain. I'm trying to improve my game, so I record all my games and watch watch them over if we either win or lose decisively. If I think something is suspicious, I re-watch the recording to confirm my suspicions, or see if I've made a mistake. Last game I played top lane, I was waiting in a bush (as Darius) waiting for Malphite to return to lane. He had been talking trash to me all game constantly. I sweeped the bush to make sure it was clear (It was). He returned to lane, walked up to me and cast "Q" (a targeted ability) as soon as he was in range from outside the bush. I said "Malphite, I know for a fact that bush wasn't warded", and he didn't say a single word for the rest of the game. Sorry, this has turned into a bit of a rant. I'm just really disappointed with how prevalent this problem seems to be now. It makes me not want to play when it seems like others can so easily get such an unfair advantage. Sorry to burn your ear off,
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