{{item:3056}} I am just curious, do you use this item and on which champion? Do you think its viable when you are using it or more of a fun item? I used it today on {{champion:120}} together with tri-force, swifties and dead mans plate. My team wasn't very coordinated so I happened to charge under the mid inhib tower on the fed enemy draven with 3 enemies trying to defend him, i got cc'ed shortly, but i disabled the tower and then i chased him down and killed him right next to the nexus. My team decided to not attack the tower while everyone was running after me, they backed off and farmed some jungle camps instead...feelsbadman xD But we still won in the end. I gotta say for a tower diving hecarim this item is really good, especially with the point runner. I named this build "Ohmwreckarim".
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