Riot on drugs again

{{champion:62}} - "We have a serious problem with creepblock right now. Should we properly address this issue? Nah. Let's go for the _**ACTUAL**_ solution, and bring other champions down to the level of everyone else." >Hecarim can no longer passively pass through units. That looks like a proper and well justified balance change. {{champion:62}} - "You know who is just obnoxiously strong right now? That's right! Karthus! I wonder what we can do to bring him back in line." {{champion:13}} - " Actually sir, he's barely a problem. I mean, he's good, but he's only really played by those who simply love Karthus, and there are far more oppressive champs." {{champion:62}} - "SILENCE. He's just too obnoxious with his pick potential using Wall. That's right, the short ranged, mana intensive spell that only applies a slow is far too oppressive and creating too many free picks. There must be something we can do to balance it out." {{champion:13}} - "Well, not that I agree that it's a problem that NEEDS addressing, but if it's creating too many free picks, then maybe reduce the cast range slightly?" {{champion:62}} - "What a terrible idea, that wouldn't achieve our goals. What if the slow decayed over the duration? Bam. I'm a genius." {{champion:13}} - "...." {{champion:62}} - "What? It's a great idea." {{champion:13}} - "Sir... The slow already decays." {{champion:62}} - "Well I say it should decay slightly more. That is the change that Karthus truly needs. Next champion!" {{champion:13}} - "Bu-" {{champion:62}} - "NEXT. CHAMPION." {{champion:13}} - "Well, Riven has been underperforming lately, as have a lot of AD assassins, although honestly they should be in a better spot when we get round to releasing the new AD assassin item." {{champion:62}} - "I'm sorry, I stopped listening halfway through what you just said. Buff Riven you said? OK! Bump up her health regen." {{champion:13}} - "Sir, we nerfed her health regen specifically due to her shield. A champion with excellent lifesteal synergy and a spammable shield should not have good innate sustain, that's just bad design, and it doesn't fix her problems right now." {{champion:62}} - "Well then only buff it by a little. Done. Who's next?" {{champion:13}} - "Well, we have a bunch of mages that are doing very well right now, but they are mainly reliant on the masteries which we're about to nerf, so perhaps we should wait to see how that affects them, and they're generally not super popular so their success is likely skewed due to the small sample size." {{champion:62}} - "Anivia and Swain can get nerfed, I'm not a fan of birds. Oh, and I just played games against Malzahar and TF and lost, so nerf them too, but in nonsensical ways that don't really touch what makes them strong." {{champion:13}} - "What about the champions that are both strong and popular, such as Lux or Annie. Especially if we call Swain's laning patterns abusive, we can't really ignore Lux, and we definitely can't ignore Annie." {{champion:62}} - "Well you see, Swain is far worse than Annie because he gives you hope that maybe you can fight back. Being chunked down over several seconds by spells that you can often outmanoeuvre is far worse than being instantly deleted with very little counterplay. I believe you also mentioned something about masteries?" {{champion:13}} - "Uh... So we're nerfing Fervor so that you can no longer freely stack it and all in for damage that can't really be answered." {{champion:62}} - "That's actually not a bad idea. That's actually rather smart. Quick, we need to balance it out so we don't appear like we know what we're really doing. Let's buff Thunderlord's, because even though it's really really strong, we initially intended it to have an higher AD ratio, but we messed up and didn't code it properly." {{champion:13}} - "While that's an honest mistake, perhaps we should nerf it slightly, a lot of higher rated players agree it is slightly too strong, and it is picked a disproportionately high amount over other Keystones, especially the alternative within the Cunning tree, Stormraider's." {{champion:62}} - "Nah. Although maybe we should buff Stormraider's after all. Give it particles on activation. There you go. Now what about items?" {{champion:13}} - "Well honestly, the item changes you've come up with generally seem pretty reasonable and sensible. Although if I may say, perhaps we should nerf the Spellthief's line a tad? The items are somewhat stronger than they should be, so much so that not only are the supports who use it are arguably too strong right now as a result, but other champions such as mid laners are picking it up as it is simply overtuned." {{champion:62}} - "Nah." ------------------------ Love you Riot <3
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