The current BROKEN state of "support" champions in LOL

i need to address this issue with sustain/channel supports. **So theres basically 3 types of supports:** 1. Channel supports - janna/lulu/soraka/nami/sona - you basically channel all your power into your adc. heals/shields/buffs 2. Tank supports - braum/thresh/blitzcrank - you try to drain damage and use a lot of crowd control to keep your adc safe 3. Damage supports - brand/zyra/annie/velkoz - you provide an extra bit of damage (and often also cc) in teamfights **What is the problem?** Currently everyone is playing channel supports. Why? because of items like ardent censer or redemption or masteries like winspeakers blessing. The problem is theres absolutely no skill involved playing those kind of supports. You basically heal your adc every time he gets damaged and shield him while he's fighting. Its like having a mobile hp pot with u in lane that refills itself after some time. I don't think that is a "healthy" playstyle for league. With those champs you basically do one thing the entire game and there are no highlights in your games because you just channel all your power into your adc. He gets all the responsibility and all the "praise". You could say well theres atleast a playstyle which people that arent good at league can enjoy but how do u justify the overwhelming strength of this playstyle? Why should a champ that requires no skill at all be better than one that is very hard to play? **How did it start? / Where did things go wrong** So in my opinion this problem started with the scaling of shields and heals. Lets take windspeakers blessing as example: > Your heals and shields are 10% stronger. Additionally, heals and shields on allies increase your target's armor by 5 - 22 (based on level) and magic resistance by 2.5 - 11 (based on level) for 3 seconds. heals and shields are a natural game mechanic in many games. The problem in league is - shields arent shields. they are much rather temporary health. Which means they also take into account the resistances of your champion. So heals and shields are basically the same but shields can go over your max hp and are temporary. So windspeakers buffs a stat that benefits from other stats already (also take into account that some shields also provide extra stats like jannas shield gives bonus ad). At this point you propably think: why is that a problem? Well I'm here to tell you that. Lets just take those 4 pages as reference: > > > > So if you clicked those links above you probably noticed those things: - theres A LOT of content on the page about shields - theres A WHOLE LOT of content on the page about healing - theres BARELY ANY content on the page about grievous wounds - theres NO content on the page about breaking shields The conculsion is: - theres BARELY ANY counterplay to A WHOLE LOT of healing - theres NO counterplay to A LOT of shielding windspeakers buffs a stat that offers no counterplay. You cant damage a champion with a shield thats bigger than the amount of damage you do. Theres no way to break shields (except dealing enough damage), theres no way to prevent shielding and theres no way to kill a champion without dealing enough damage to break his shield We could also talk about why there is just one ap item that offers counterplay to healing and this item isnt even good for that (only if the champ has a certain amount of hp) **I want to know how riot justifies this? Why does %%%%%%%%%%te a playstyle that requires no skill at all and at the same time doesn't allow any kind of counterplay to that playstyle?**

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