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As veteran who play from season 2 , ranked from season 3 , i think the surrender option is only making people more toxic when 2-3 people no want to surrender , more than this people tend to give up ,to stop play serious , to troll if someone dosn't agree with them plans of ending the game throught surrender .... My only point is that surrender is a useless option most of the time it isn't used by veteran players , only noob players want to give up and trollers abuse or use it excessively , everyone who would want to play the game and win games would play until the end of game ... , my point of view is like this if i played 15 minuts or 20 ... , i anyway spended more than 50% of a possible game length .. , in teory this means surrender option is useless and not a good option to join it , because if you already played that long you have more chances to save time by winning the game or trying to achieve a come back... , more than this as a good player and as i played lot's of games sometimes is less funny to play ranked now , because when you get overpowered by enemy players who play terrible they just give up and end the game before you even have the option to enjoy and have fun in the game ... , why is my fault that enemy died a lot.. . Every time when i lead a game strong or where i am very strong most of people just surrender and not leave me place and time to have fun and enjoy the game , or what's the game point if i can't play it until the end to smash enemy and nexus??? , surrender vote even ends games faster than i would like too .. ,sometimes enemy surrender min 20 ... , is just stupid how it feels this surrender option nowadays regarding the fact there are already many trollers who says open lane when someone no wants to surrender or even than surrender option to be available , or who feed and troll after a surrender vote failed , is a huge and frequent issue who lands to much toxicity and trolling gameplay , so my thoughts are that it should be removed once for all ... , as it serve no purpouse to make game more funny to play and feel less frustrating and full of toxicity . I one meeted over 100 players this season who or more , i not numbered them , i wouldn't exagerate even if i would say 200 or 300.. , so many people tends to give up and just surrender + stoping to play after surrender vote fail , and this is a huge problem , who lands others to force surrender cause those guys trolling , if the surrender wouldn't be there no one would afford to troll if people no want to surrender.. , or no one would afford to troll the game that hard knowing there is no surrender option and that he will be stuck to play the game until the end. I one learned to manage people like this , so i am not getting angry about anything they would do , but i would like games to feel decent with teammates who work togheter not on multiple fronts ,once for allies ,once for enemy . My opinnion is that games not last enought to have fun or enjoy making penta kills or quadra kills as the games tend to land to surrender when someone is hyper feeded and strong... , i multiple times meet this situation and they cut my moments of having the pleasure to play this game . P.S: Happy easter to you guys :)
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