Boosted is not bannable??

Last 3 games carried sooo bad players.I dont understand people climb because they get carried... or boosted..Why they dont get ban????or is not bannable?Last game zyra end like 2 18 for god sake.. in plat and jinx was like a silver player carried so hard that game..but i feel so sad.. i just gift him 20 lp for free..enemy eve was like 27 6....damn riot.This lucky players that get free wins or boosted you should do something.I know i won the game but i feel very very sad to see such bad players getting free wins and i watched that zyra match history and was awful but she won many games or carried or boosted..Its not funny.Bad think is to the end of game she says:Gp 20 lp its cool man....He just split me in face after that carry and he still talks with 3 18..Riot cmon change this system or this game is just done.
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