Ex- Platinum player gets Ex- Bronze team-mate in Ranked

I ended the last season in Platinum V, played 10 games, won 5 and was placed in Silver 1, as most of Gold/Platinum players. Even though I lost a lot of games since then, I'm at least in Silver 1 and still playing with ex-Platinum and ex-Gold players. But yesterday, before we came into the game, I checked lolnexus to see with who and against who I'm playing and I was shocked when I saw ex-Bronze 2 player in my team. Of course, he/she couldn't do anything, except feeding. The difference between Bronze and Gold/Platinum is HUGE. Even the difference between Silver and Gold was huge, in the previous season. I still don't know how did I get such player in my ranked. I compared his and my MMR, the difference is over 1000 (mine- almost 1800, his- around 700). And sadly, this is not the end of this story. After that game I had another guy, who was actually UNRANKED in the previous season and probably started playing rankeds in this season, for the first time ! What is going on ?!
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