List of champs that should get nerf

Hi guyz, iam srry but my english is not good. I create a list of champs that should be nerfed, in my opinion (of course it will be useless cause riot dont read the posts cough cough) Annie - shes op, before the rework, lets buff her (her dickguard tibbers will gain more movement speed) atleast retire the stun, stupid and high ap ratios Veigar - wtf? a w that deals 2000k? and a ulti that deals 3000k? thats illegal, its like cheating the cs go one shot, reduce the ap ratio Soraka - spam heal ofc more cooldowns Fizz - ok the zhonias at level 1+ (e) makes him invulnerable and untargable for 1,5 and the cooldown 3 seconds Lucian - iam not racist, but got an infinity edge and cabam _) Draven - its draven, league of draven And more will come in second part Guyz this is an opinion dont offend me if ur a main of them If riots sends the permission to just 1 hour to nerf champs what champ did u nerfed I did this for joke because iam salty, and love some of that champs Good day Kisses and hugs . DyogoCosta
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