How to win ranked games. [Tips for low elo players]

#1.Warding First of all warding is very important in a match,it can really help to prevent ambushes,enemy killing drakes,barons... #2. Raging If you have problems with nerves here s what to do:Drink some coffee,take a paper,take a pencil,write down **Don t rage **,and play. If someone s flaming you act like a adult person, press TAB click on note near their portrait ignore them,there are pings. #3. Focusing You gotta be focused on match,you do not care about someone fking your mom,NO,just focus on your lane,in late game start focusing on enemy adc in teamfight,because i also approved if you don t kill adc first maybe will enemy MF make Ace. #4. Trading Trading is when you are poking enemy,or enemy is poking you. Poke is when you are throwing spells and enemy is throwing spells on you. Trade can be very successful when you play against champion that you counter and it can be very unsuccessful when you are countered. Always ask for a jungler s help,if he don t come,fall back to your turret kill enemy waves,when your turret is destroyed,fall back to another,then someone will realize that you need help. #5.Picking a champion For low elo players my recommended champs are:{{champion:11}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:111}} If you have problems with difficult champs those champs are perfect,because they are kinda easy,they are good for teamfight and etc. GL
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