I'm done with this game - Is Riot on the right path? Wrong champions?

Hello. Denle here. I played LoL since 2012 and spent most of my late teens with it. Had hundreds of sleepless nights because of it, lotsof joy, sadness and rage, played with all kinds of players, reached diamond division and that's that. This season, I was barely gold 3 and couldn't go higher. I don't know if I got worse or if it was just some bad luck, but having 2-3 ranked wins in the last 40 games is ridiculous. That wasn't just a simple losing streak. Something went really wrong there and that happened ever since Kayn got intruduced. I thought banning Kayn would solve my problems, but since over 80% of the junglers in gold division choose Kayn, people usually rage, flame and troll when I ban their Kayn. I hate both playing with one in my team and playing against one. Overall, I hate that champion from the bottom of my heart. I quit the game because of him. I literally quit playing League of Legends because of a new champion. I didn't get frustrated or something like that. After my last ranked game, I just thought to myself- **I'm not having any fun playing this game anymore.** I'm not a person who'll say that the champion is overpowered or sth like that. I just think that Kayn doesn't fit in the roster. In fact, a good part of new champions which were introduced and will be introduced don't fit in the roster. I still remember the times when there was a roster with just 60 champions and every game was a unique experience and had lots of joyful moments, regardless if it was a win or a loss. But now, its just an overforced MOBA. IMO, League of Legends lost its spirit and is on the wrong path. Whats your opinion about the champions? Is Riot on the right path?
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