Anyone Else Finding Volibear Good ATM?

I've gotten bored of trying to get all the tanks and champs I used to enjoy playing to work, with the exception of {{champion:106}} who seems to be chewing through anything thrown at him lately. I've used him in Top, great for {{champion:420}} and {{champion:39}} who don't respect the early W + Ignite damage. I've been having great success in the jungle, beating out {{champion:64}} and the occasional {{champion:5}} who fancied their chances at counter jungling. Hell, I've even abused him in the support role just to exploit the CC-lacking windows {{champion:16}} and {{champion:1}} give. I don't see him used much, but I'm wondering why given his early ganks (what seems to be needed atm) great dueling (another thing that's on the rise) and increasing damage with tank items (something that a lot of players scream about being "unbalanced") that this beast isn't taken more often?
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