Pant's Buggy Super Countered Stun

What's with Pant's stun?'s perhaps the easiest countered stun in game It's meant to serve as a gap closer, but half the time due to game mechanics you'll land no where near your enemy, if it was dashing away. and this is point ONE. Point TWO, because it takes so long for you to complete the jump, it is fairly easy for enemy Champions to CC in the moment. Point THREE, why is it that if you try to stun Fizz when he is "untargetable" not only you won't be able to carry out the stun, but your stun also goes on CD? Conclusion & Suggestions: it is all cool and dandy that abilities can be doged and blocked (countered) - wouldn't it be fair though to ensure that there aren't champions abilities that are countered by just about anything and other that are countered by nothing? Make it fair! Rant over. :*

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